Hours: 7:15 AM-5:45 PM
Registration fee is non-refundable.
We accept Debit Cards as a form of payment.


Children will be accepted for enrollment if space is available after:
  1. Parents meet with the director or designated person
  2. All forms are completed including, registration, etc.

Financial Policy

Weekly Tuition (fees) are due on Monday or the first day of each week and are late after 12:00 PM with a $25.00 fee added to your account. Checks and Money Orders are the only forms of acceptable payment.

Returned Checks

There is a $25.00 returned check fee, only money orders will be accepted afterwards.

Arrivals and Departures

All parents are to accompany their child(ren) into the building, a staff member will sign them in daily. Parents must sign their child(ren) out by 5:45 PM each day.

Authorization to Pick- Up

No child will be released to any person that is not on the pick up list. Parents must give written or verbal permission to authorize changes in pick-up, we will ask for a photo I.D.

Late Pick-Up

The preschool closes promptly at 5:45 PM. Because we do not have provisions for employees to stay late, you will be charged $10.00 for every 15 minutes or any portion, payment is due in cash because it will go to the staff person.


There will not be a tuition adjustment for absences or holidays (except one week holiday/winter break).


Only medication prescribed by a physician can be given at school. Parents are required to sign a consent form (each day or for the duration of the time) allowing staff members to administer prescribed medications. Children will be administered the nebulizer when all consent forms are signed.

Discipline Policy

The Preschool staff and teachers shall use no corporal punishment as a discipline method for behavior management. None of the following shall be used as a form of redirecting behavior or punishment:
  1. No corporal punishment, emotional, or harsh and demeaning language, etc.
  2. No child will be unsupervised or left in isolation,
  3. No child will be subject to withholding food, sleep, or toilet use.
  4. No child will be restrained by any means, etc.
The following positive, non-abusive methods for managing behavior shall be implemented and followed by all staff and teachers:
  1. Time-out will be used as a form of redirecting negative behavior; time duration will be the same as the age of the child.
  2. The child's parents will be called if a child continues to be disruptive, threatening, and overly aggressive to include kicking, hitting and biting, etc.

Transportation Policy

  1. All children will be counted when boarding the bus to leave the school.
  2. All children will be counted when leaving the bus upon arriving at their destination.
  3. All children will be counted upon arriving back at school and leaving the bus.
  4. All teachers should have a list of children who are on the field trip.
  5. All children will be signed in by the teacher the time they get on the bus and the time that they exit the bus.

Medical Procedure Policy

Saint John Preschool must safeguard all children and staff at all times: This policy applies at any time an emergency occurs on the premises or away on a school field trip. The medical plan shall address the following:
  1. Any needed first aid will be provided immediately by the nearest staff member(s), while other available staff are assigned to supervise other children and give the proper care needed.
  2. All existing emergency procedures relevant to the immediate situation will be put into action by the Director and or other staff appointed to do so by the Director.
  3. When needed, office staff or appointee will call Emergency Medical Services immediately to appraise the situation and request advice.
  4. Parents will be contacted with all related information available.
  5. Palmetto Health Richland will be the hospital used if an emergency occurs and a medical facility is necessary.
  6. All staff will follow EMS recommendations for emergency transportation of any injured person or child to the nearest hospital (Palmetto Richland).
  7. All staff will fully cooperate with requests and or directions by responding emergency personnel, and provide them with information needed from the child's record to address the situation.
  8. At least one staff member shall accompany any child taken to the hospital, and stay with such child/children until their parent or emergency contact person arrives.
  9. After the emergency and its related results have been resolved, and no one remains in danger. All staff involved will complete any related facility accident report as required.
  10. The same procedures will be followed if away from school on a school field trip or school related business.

Policy on Parent Access and Communication:

The Preschool staff shall permit parents free and full access to the (their children) premises without prior notice. In some cases a parent and/or parents may be denied access if there is a court order limiting parental access. This free access must not disrupt instructional activities or classroom routines.

Policy on Children's Records:

The Preschool shall keep a separate file record on each child. The file shall be kept in a confidential manner, locked in a file cabinet, but shall be immediately available to the Department of Social Services, the child's teacher, parent and/or guardian upon request.

Items From Home

Children can bring books to read to school (Child's name must be in it). No toys or games unless they are for Show-N-Tell. See the monthly calendar for days when children cab bring items for Show-N-Tell

Uniform Attire

Uniforms are worn daily Monday's -Thursday's, Friday's are a Free Choice; shoes or tennis shoes and socks must be worn with uniforms. Saint John T-Shirts are worn on field trips.


Morning Snacks, Lunch and Afternoon Snacks are included in the weekly cost. Morning Snacks are served 8:30 AM to 8:45 AM, Lunch is served from 11:30 AM to 12:00 Noon, Afternoon Snacks are served from 2:40 PM to 3:00 PM. Menus are posted in the foyer, office and each classroom.

Withdrawal of a Child

If parents need to withdraw a child(ren), a two week notice is required.

Saint John Preschool
3404 W. Beltline Boulevard
Columbia S.C. 29203
Phone: (803) 256-8542
Fax: (803) 256-8542

School Hours
7:15AM - 5:45PM

"Where Excellence Is Never Compromised"
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