What makes Saint John Preschool facilities first-rate environment for my child?

Answer: The Preschool is designed to provide an atmosphere that offers each child the opportunity to realize his/her optimal emotional, social, educational, moral and physical development. Mastery of readiness skills is emphasized and a wide use of audio-visual and manipulative instructional tools is implemented to ensure high quality learning. The Preschool meets South Carolina accreditations and is licensed by the Department of Social Services. Do you need online writing service? Don't hesitate to visit EWritingService!


What makes Saint John Preschool learning program unique and beneficial for my child?

Answer: Saint John Preschool has served as the basis for thousands of children who have continued their education at some of the nation's most prestigious colleges and universities and who have served our nation in the military. Additionally, they are consistently being recognized for outstanding contributions to society and we are constantly exploring other valuable methods and techniques that will enhance our children's learning experiences at Saint John.ThesisGeek


What qualifications, training and education do you require for your teachers?

Answer: All teachers meet or exceed the state of South Carolina requirements for preschool staff. All of our teachers at Saint John Preschool are registered with the Child Development Association. Our teachers have Early Childhood Certificates or degrees or are pursuing college degrees through the TEACH program for early childhood educators. All staff members are First Aid and CPR certified. Do my homework now


How does Saint John Preschool communicate with parents?

Answer: Saint John truly understands the importance of creating a partnership with the families we serve. To have a successful partnership means open communication between the entire staff and families. We make every effort to keep families informed through many methods that include written weekly teachers newsletters, meal menus, monthly calendar for the center, PTO meetings, Parent Workshops, daily verbal communications and pasting information within the center. The Preschool also offers written report cards and parent-teachers conferences, as requested by parents to review their child's developmental progress.


When can I observe or visit my child at Saint John Preschool?

Answer: Saint John has an open door policy and we encourage visitations and participation with your child's class and its many activities.


What other activities do you have that are not included in the basis curriculum?

Answer: Activities offered includes, but not limited to are: Motor Skill Development, Computer class and Karate.


What enrichment program does Saint John Offer?

Answer: Saint John Preschool offers a Summer Enrichment program for Graduating Kindergartner going to the first grade.

Saint John Baptist Church sponsors an Enrichment/Remediation program during the summer. The program is referred to as the Summer A & A Program. The program is designed to improve the academic and social skills, as well as test-taking strategies and techniques of students in grades one, the targeted group has varied over the years based on the need, interest and available space.

The program is self-sustaining and must not become a financial burden on the church. Students are served a snack during the morning, lunch and an afternoon snack.

Courses offered include Language Arts, Mathematics, Music, Art, Rhythmic Movement and a Foreign Language. Students are tested at the beginning of the six weeks program and tested at the end. Gain has been enough to warrant a student being promoted who was supposed to be retained. There has been as much as two years gain in some areas.

READING - The enrichment group is getting reading instruction with emphasis on vocabulary and comprehension skills. Comprehension skills include details, comparison and character analysis. Good oral reading is practiced. Students are encouraged to read books/stories for enjoyment.

LANGUAGE ARTS - Activities include writing, spelling, and storytelling. Sentence structure with emphasis on capitalization and punctuation is taught.

MATH - The children are engaged in activities involving counting, writing numbers, addition, subtraction, and short word problems.

ART - The children are involved in a variety of hands-on activities that promote creative thinking skills and strengthen eye-hand coordination. Reading and multimedia presentations are included to provide an interesting and stimulating environment to make learning through art FUN, FUN!

MUSIC - The summer music program is designed to do the following:
1. Give attention to short music selections (beginning with music appreciation).
2. Recognize classroom instruments aurally and visually.
3. Show awareness of beat, tempo, dynamics and pitch.
4. Learn the names of notes and the sol-fah names for notes.
5. Learn basic music symbols.
6. Play simple tunes on the tone bells.

Extra Curricula Activities
1. First Tee (City of Columbia) Golf
2. Edventure
3. Gibbs Planetarium
4. Challenger Center (RSD1)
5. Drew Wellness (Basketball, Swimming)
6. Skating Ring
7. Earle Wood Park
8. Zoo
9. State House
10. Saluda Shoals Park Environmental Center
11. Ronald McDonald House (Service Project)
12. RCPL (North Main Branch) - attended story time weekly and participated in Summer Reading Program
13. Fire Dept. Headquarters (Laurel Street)

Daily activities include but are not inclusive of all. These activities help to reinforce skills that are taught during the morning session.
1. Computer games- matching objects, opposites, counting objects, letter recognition and shapes vowel sounds
2. Word search
3. Puzzles - Rhyming words, Opposites
4. Card Games - Old Maid, Go Fish
5. Games - Simon Says, Mother May I
6. Painting
7. Number Bingo
8. Rhyming Bingo
9. Flash Cards

The culminating activity, with exhibits, ends the session. Each parent is provided time to consult with the teacher during the 6 weeks and a written report card is provided each student.

Cost of the program depends upon the number of students who are enrolled. Again, available space will determine this cost.

As always, Saint John Baptist Preschool is "Where Excellence Is Never Compromised".

Emergency fall out shelter is C.A. Johnson High School.

Saint John Preschool
3404 W. Beltline Boulevard
Columbia S.C. 29203
Phone: (803) 256-8542
Fax: (803) 256-8542

School Hours
7:15AM - 5:45PM

"Where Excellence Is Never Compromised"
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