The safety of every student enrolled at Saint John Baptist Preschool rest in the hands of every staff member.
  • In the event of an emergency, parents will be notified by use of the phone tree at SJBP.
  • The Fall Out Shelter location is _____________________________________________.
  • School closing guidelines
  • Incident Command Post
  • Emergency Codes
  • Emergency Dismissal Procedures
  • Fire Drills
  • Tornado Drill Procedures
  • Flooding
  • Hurricanes
  • Earthquakes
  • Severe Storms
  • Terrorism
  • Student Welfare
Professional development may occur in formal instructional settings or in natural societal settings and may include such varied experiences as academic courses of study, organized continuing education, independent study, and self-and external assessment. The variety of experiences may be as diverse as the sponsors, content, teaching, and learning styles of participating persons. The concepts and scope of professional development will be translated into appropriate activities that are responsive to the current and future needs of faculty, their profession, and most importantly SJPS students and parents.


Fire Drills

The purpose of fire drills and emergency evacuation plans are to provide for an orderly evacuation of SJPS. Fire drills shall be conducted at least two times per academic year. The Safety Coordinator for each area of SJPS shall complete a Fire Drill Report for each fire drill or evacuation drill. The Report shall be reviewed with management and any plans for improvement must be incorporated in the next fire/evacuation drill.

Faculty is responsible for the safety of students in their class. Faculty shall take these measures before a fire drill or emergency:
  • Review the evacuation plans posted in the hallways;
  • Follow the emergency escape route that has been established for his/her class;
  • Become familiar with the secondary route in case the first route is inaccessible;
  • Identify a location outside and away from the building where the class can meet and ensure all students are accounted for; and
  • Review this information with each class.
When the fire alarm sounds, faculty shall:
  • Take the class roster and immediately guide students safely out of the building.
  • Assemble the students at the predetermined accountability site.
  • Account for students using the class roster.
  • Report the status to the building liaison or safety coordinator.
  • Do not re-enter the building until clearance has been given by the safety coordinator or management.
When the fire alarm sounds, staff shall:
  • Turn off all utilities and cooking instruments;
  • Move to the area outside of the building designated by the evacuation plan;
  • Assemble in the predetermined accountability site;
  • Assist faculty if requested;
  • Report the status to the building liaison or safety coordinator or management; and
  • Do not re-enter the building until clearance has been given by the safety coordinator or management.
Lockdown exercises will be conducted throughout the academic year. Lockdowns are situations where it is safer to stay inside the building rather than move to outside locations. In emergencies, two protection strategies can be preferable to an evacuation: sheltering-in-place and lockdown. Sheltering-in-place procedures may be ordered in situations involving chemical leaks, biological or chemical attacks. The purpose of lockdowns is to minimize accessibility to a school or rooms in that school, thus reducing the risk to staff, students or patrons of some sort of victimization from dangerous intruders. Lockdowns might be necessary in situations of: persons armed with firearms on school property, gunshots directed at or near school and grounds, police incidents involving dangerous persons that are adjacent to or within a short distance of the school site, or intruders. Lockdowns involve securing the building from outside intruders and moving students away from exposed areas such as doors and windows. Ideally, faculty, students and staff congregate in safe rooms, locked from the inside. Bomb threats are to be treated as lockdown, sheltering-in-place or evacuation for strategy purposes. Fire, evacuation, sheltering-in-place and lockdown procedures will be posted in each classroom. Drills in each of these areas will be conducted on a basis that will ensure safety.

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