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Saint John Preschool Administrator Welcome to our website. I am Reverend Dr. Jamey O. Graham, Sr., the pastor of the Saint John Baptist Church. It has been my pleasure to follow a legendary and well-respected minister, Reverend Roscoe C. Wilson, Sr., who led this congregation for 50 years. During his service as pastor, he set out a vision plan to develop a preschool that would train and develop our children in their early stages of development, especially children 3 years old through kindergarten. The Saint John Baptist Preschool has prospered and developed for nearly forty years. It has turned out bright and brilliant children who would otherwise not have succeeded had they not had this special opportunity. The school is presently housed in the basement of our old sanctuary, having started there since its inception more than 30 years ago.

As pastor, I am trying to build upon the strong foundation and legacy of Dr. Wilson, by taking the preschool to a higher level. Because studies have shown that many children begin to lose interest in school between the 3rd and 4th grades, we are trying to extend the courses for the preschool up to the third grade to form a solid learning foundation for these at-risk young people. I believe that we can build and instill within our children the drive, hunger, and determination to make learning a life-long goal so that when they leave our school to start the fourth grade, they will be equipped and ready to compete and meet the challenges that await them in any other school setting and more especially in life. Currently, our school has a waiting list and it is my hope that we can expand our services from the present 109 students enrolled to at least 250 students so that more of our children will have an opportunity to get a quality head start in education. However, to accomplish this goal, we must first build a new school so that we can get our children out of the basement and into a top quality "state of the art" facility.

I invite you to view our Mission and Vision, "Preschool At-A-Glace," professional staff, and Applications for enrollment, etc. Thank you for visiting the Saint John Baptist Preschool, where we are empowering children, parents, and community through academic excellence, family enrichment, and community service.


Reverend Jamey O. Graham
Administrator/Pastor, Saint John Baptist Church

Saint John Preschool
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Columbia S.C. 29203
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"Where Excellence Is Never Compromised"
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