The Faculty and staff of Saint John Baptist Preschool, with the cooperation and support of the children and parents, will provide a safe and healthy environment where each child is ensured of a challenging and individualized learning program that will allow for achievement at his/her maximum potential and ultimate success in school.


  • Practicing honesty and integrity are essential to the development of good character
  • The well-being and education of children are vital to the future of our society
  • Everyone shares in the responsibility for the children's education
  • Everyone has a contribution to make to society and has a responsibility to do so
  • The quality of our school directly affects the quality of our community
  • All children can learn
  • Challenge, effort, self-discipline and responsibility to learn are necessary for students to reach their potential
  • Learning is a lifelong process
  • People are our most important resource
  • Each individual has worth and deserves respect
  • The family unit provides the foundation for all learning
  • Parents have the responsibility and the right to be responsibly involved with their children's education
Saint John Preschool
3404 W. Beltline Boulevard
Columbia S.C. 29203
Phone: (803) 256-8542
Fax: (803) 256-8542

School Hours
7:15AM - 5:45PM

"Where Excellence Is Never Compromised"

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